Unkeeper is a cult brand from United States. Born in San Francisco, Unkeeper is a reflection of the Bay Area’s colorful art. Unkeeper represents a fusion of urban street trends and pop art to produce innovative backpacks.


Unkeeper is a graffiti-inspired fashion brand.



Unkeeper combines aestetic and expression of ideas in unique concept of backpacks and stationery accessories.



Teenager and young adults, good looking, casual style, relaxed attitude, live intensely and follow their own style.



Unkeeper’s image is inspired by street art, has a strong image, reflecting the values of the brand: youth, irreverence and creativity, at the same time appealing to a desirable lifestyle.



unkeeperFinal round
unkeeper Happy Mother's Day
unkeeper Pure happiness with our backpack
unkeeper Perfect for rainy days
unkeeper Let’s surf
unkeeper Sunny days
unkeeper My daddy is awesome
unkeeper Just for fun

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